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I am seriously a lazy person.


There I've said it.

BUT, there are one exemption: I don't get lazy when I am doing what I love.


Yes, I've been to Video tutorials, this and that. But I never really tried blogging.


(But Tumblr is kinda like 'blogging'.)


YES, I know Tumblr is kind of like blogging, but my version of blogging is doing reviews.


I love seeing booktubers do these all the time and read their thoughts about a book that I've been wanting to read. To feel their emotions through letters and words.


For me, it's a lot of fun. And when I mean 'fun', I mean 'I want to try that'! So here I am writing my second blog post on this site.


I've been debating with myself (like most of the time) to which site should I use for my blogging. Obviously I considered the site 'Blogspot' or 'Blogger' because that's the easiest. But I am having a hard time customizing stuff there, so I said "Why not on Booklikes? I've started there, why not continue it?" and ladies and gentlemen, that's how I'M back.


Of course, writing stuff with my own opinions are sometimes hard, sometimes not.


"PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" They said. So here I am, practicing.

Don't give up!